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Lickity Bits

Dear Customer,

Lickity Bits™ offers a specialty line of Bit Training Aids and Accessories. Our Training Aids are designed to gently teach your horse to accept the bit. If you are having difficulty with your horse accepting the bit, we encourage you to ensure that your horse has the right size and type of bit, and have their teeth checked if problems persist.

All our products are unconditionally guaranteed and designed to be safe and convenient to use. Our commitment is to making your horse's life a little "bit" better... and yours too!

Kathleen Johnson
Lickity Bits President


How do I get the Bit Wrap to stick to the bit?

Wind the Bit Wrap around the bit, squeeze gently and hold for approximately 20 seconds. The warmth of your hand will soften the Bit Wrap enough for it to stick to the bit.

How long does the Bit Wrap last in a horses mouth?

The bit wrap will begin to dissolve immediately. Some horses will try to eat it right away, and others will leave it in their mouth until it dissolves.

Can they be used on any type of bit?

They are designed to fit any size bit.

How are they different than peppermint flavored wipes?

Bit Wraps are not intended to be used to clean the bit and do not leave lasting odors. They are different in that they are an edible treat and inexpensive to use.

Are they edible?

They are manufactured for horses and made with natural ingredients, but are not recommended for human consumption.


Since the Bit Spritz is a cleaner will it leave any toxic residue on the bit?

No, both the cleaner and the flavor are made with all natural ingredients.

How do I apply the Bit Spritz?

Spritz the bit once or twice and wipe with a cloth. You may also purchase our Bit Cleaning Mit. This is a re-useable microfiber cleaning glove which not only cleans your bit, but shines it too!

How many applications do I get from one bottle of Bit Spritz?

The Bit Spritz comes with a fine mist sprayer which emits a very fine mist. It is economical to use and you should get approximately 300 sprays per bottle.

How should I store the Bit Spritz?

As with all our products, we recommend that you do not store it in the direct sunlight and keep it in a cool dry place.


What is Bit Butter made of?

It is made with all natural molasses and vegetable oils.

How does it taste and smell?

It tastes and smells like sweet molasses.

Is it messy to apply?

No, it's consistency is thicker than molasses and using the brush cap applicator, you just brush it on the bit.

How much do I get out of one Bit Butter jar?

You should get approximately 30 applications per jar.

Will it melt in the jar?

You should keep it out of direct sunlight and store in a cool dry place.


Do these wrap around the bit like the Bit Wraps?

No, these are small morsels which are made with the same ingredients as the Bit Wraps.

How do I train my horse on the bit with the Bitty Bites?

We recommend that before introducing the Bit Wraps, you give your horse some of these tasty treats before inserting the bit into their mouth. Let them sniff and taste them so they'll become accustomed to the taste and smell. They will then learn to associate these with the Bit Wraps.

Can I give my horse the Bitty Bites as just a treat?

Sure, they love both the apple and the peppermint flavors. They are different than the typical cookie type treats that many horses are used to. We have found many horses love than more than their regular treats!


How long will the Bit Warmer stay warm?

It should stay warm for up to a half hour.

How long should I micro wave it?

For most microwaves you should microwave it on high for 30-40 seconds. If you have a commercial or heavy duty microwave, it may require less time.

How hot will the Bit Warmer get?

You should always feel the bit ensure that it is luke warm before inserting the bit in your horse's mouth. Each application maybe somewhat different depending on temperature conditions.

Does the Bit Warmer contain ingredients which are harmful?

The Bit Warmer contains corn.


Will any size bit fit the Bit Bags?

Most standard horse size bits will fit both English and Western styles.

Are the Bit Bags machine washable?